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Synthesis of Active Traffic Management Experiences in Europe and the United States

5.0 Initial US-Based Implementation of European Traffic Management Strategies

As of early 2010, a number of US states and locales were moving forward with the study and implementation of various traffic management strategies. This list is not exhaustive and includes the following:

5.1 Under Study

  • Colorado DOT is evaluating a speed harmonization system for I-70.
  • Florida DOT is exploring hard shoulder running and variable speed limits on a portion of I-75.
  • MTC and California DOT (Caltrans) are considering variable speed limits on I-80 in the Bay Area.
  • North Carolina DOT is examining hard shoulder running options along portions of I-77 and I-485 in the Charlotte area.

5.2 Implementation

  • California DOT (Caltrans) has implemented in-pavement dynamic lane controls on the expanded I-15 managed lanes in San Diego and is implementing dynamic lane operations on northbound SR-110 at the I-5 freeway interchange in Los Angeles.
  • Minnesota DOT, as part of their priced dynamic shoulder lane project, is now operating variable speed controls and queue warnings in a three-mile segment of I-35W as part of their Urban Partnership grant, and an extension of the system is planned. They are studying the implementation of a similar approach for portions of I-94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • Texas DOT tested dynamic re-routing and dynamic queue warning using portable solar-powered monitors, signs and cameras as part of a reconstruction of two converging interstates in Hillsboro, helping drivers avoid sudden queues.
  • Virginia DOT is implementing a variable speed limit on I-95 to address construction related closures associated with the Telegraph Road interchange reconstruction.
  • Washington State DOT is constructing a variable speed limit/queue warning system on approximately eight miles of I-5 as it approaches Downtown Seattle in the northbound direction. They are also proceeding with the design and construction of a similar system on I-90 and SR 520 across Lake Washington as part of their Urban Partnership grant. All systems are anticipated to be operational by 2010.
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