Office of Operations Freight Management and Operations

Urban Freight Case Studies - Los Angeles


LADOT's research strategy, project development, and implementation efforts serve as examples to others wishing to improve their goods movement system. Its method of identifying and documenting truck-related problem locations in their downtown area has helped remove many obstacles that once stood in the way of efficient goods movement. The following strategies and practices identified in this case study can be implemented in other areas around the country:

  • Application of GIS to identify truck routes, truck circulation and access problems, truck safety concerns, and corrective measures. LADOT demonstrated that the development and implementation of a freight-focused GIS database can help jurisdictions move freight more efficiently, thereby enhancing the economic vitality of an area. Agencies can use this tool to plan infrastructure and operations improvements.
  • Initiate an enhanced enforcement program. Implementation of a targeted enforcement program, such as the Tiger Team Curbside Management Program, improves traffic flow in urban areas and enhances goods movement.

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