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Rural Interstate Corridor Communications Study
Report to States

4.0 Project Web Site and SVG Tool

A project website was developed for this project and served as a valuable tool in communicating with the various State and Federal level stakeholders. The web site ( became an early repository of project documentation as literature searches reveal timely information about the telecommunications industry, trends in the nation, and advancements pertinent to this study. The website was also a convenient way to distribute project documents to the stakeholders. As products of the study were finalized the deliverables were posted on the website.

A GIS database was established early in the project to analyze and display the demographic characteristics of the corridors. Through the course of the study, this GIS was further enhanced and constructed as a user-friendly tool for use by the stakeholders of the study. This SVG Tool is intended to assist Corridor States in researching and investigating the subject corridors in order to facilitate and initiate the conversation. A full description of the tool along with step by step instructions for its use is contained in Appendix B.