Arterial Management Program

About This Document

The audience for this document is agency managers, practitioners and personnel seeking to gain an understanding of the resource requirements to effectively and efficiently operate and maintain traffic signals. The document is organized into two major sections Guidance and State of the Practice. The Guidance section is advisory and is intended to provide a methodology for identifying operations and maintenance objectives and performance measures as well as for estimating staffing and resource needs required to achieve the specific operations objectives. The guidance is supported by an in depth survey, conducted for this project, of a limited subset of agencies that participated in the 2007 NTOC Traffic Signal Report Card Self Assessment Survey. A review of literature, discussions with noted experts, and a synthesis of surveys conducted by the FHWA Resource Center Operations Technical Service Team during Traffic Signal Operations Reviews, which characterize the state of the practice.

The State of the Practice section documents literature reviewed, the survey conducted to gather information for this project and a synthesis of information collected from other surveys. The appendix provides the methodology executed to develop the conclusions that are presented as guidance.

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