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5.4.13 Strategy

  1. Develop a Communication Strategy and Include All Stakeholders – “There should be a provincial strategy for public major emergency events. The strategy should include the participation of all key stakeholders, especially the news media.”
    Firestorm 2003: Provincial Review

  2. Develop a Crisis Communications Strategy – “Include the participation of all key stakeholders including the media. Establish clear principles and protocols about the release of information. Identify how the media and the Internet can be used in times of emergency as a technical resource and to disseminate information to the public.”
    Firestorm 2003: Provincial Review

  3. Develop a Historical Record – Keep a record and journal of events in order to provide a log of historical events. Tell the “story of public transit services importance and role in emergency events. Take pictures.”
    Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, Presentation to 4th Annual FDOT/FPTA/CUTR Professional Development Workshop

February 7, 2006
Publication #FHWA–HOP-08-015