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4.2.6 Special Needs

This section of the literature search addresses information found on special needs evacuees. It is subdivided into evacuation of special needs evacuees; accommodations for special needs evacuees; location of special needs shelters; evacuation of special needs facilities; and incidents involving special needs evacuees, evacuees with pets or animals, pedestrians, bicyclists, and truckers.

Findings from the literature search on special needs include:
  • Special needs evacuees with disabilities may require assistance during evacuations.
  • Special needs evacuees, such as the elderly, medical patients, and people without transport, require special assistance during evacuations.
  • Jail facilities and nursing homes are special needs facilities that have been evacuated.
  • At times, special needs evacuees are overlooked during the evacuation.
  • Special needs evacuees need shelters during evacuations.
  • People who are evacuated that have pets or animals that need to be left behind in the rush of an evacuation worry about their pets or animals.
  • The events of 9/11 in both New York City and Washington, DC, involved the evacuation of pedestrians. To move the evacuees out of the cities, public transit played a significant role; in addition, people also walked home.
There was very little information in the literature regarding the evacuation of bicyclists and truckers.

February 7, 2006
Publication #FHWA–HOP-08-015