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Traffic Analysis Toolbox Volume V:
Traffic Analysis Toolbox Case Studies – Benefits and Applications


"Traffic analysis tools" is a collective term used to describe a variety of software-based analytical procedures and methodologies that support different aspects of traffic and transportation analyses. Traffic analysis tools include methodologies such as sketch-planning, travel demand modeling, traffic signal optimization, and traffic simulation. The purpose of this Traffic Analysis Toolbox is to give the reader a summary of real world case studies that demonstrate the benefits of using traffic analysis tools for the project.

This document not only serves as the final installment of the Traffic Analysis Toolbox, but also serves as a document that can be used with decision makers to support the transportation professional. Other volumes currently in the toolbox include: Volume I: Traffic Analysis Tools Primer; Volume II: Decision Support Methodology for Selecting Traffic Analysis Tools; and Volume III: Guidelines for Applying Traffic Microsimulation Modeling Software.

The intended audience for this report is the transportation professional or manager who needs a high-level introduction into the role of traffic analysis tools in the transportation analysis process.

Jeffery A. Lindley, P.E.
Office of Transportation Management

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