Using Highways During Evacuation Operations for Events with Advance Notice

Routes to Effective Evacuation Planning Primer Series

Produced in collaboration with the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO)

Future Directions

FHWA is working with transportation agencies and their partners to improve planning and the use of technology in emergency transportation operations. These areas cover:

  • Better regional and transportation operations planning with training and exercises
  • Transportation agencies’ effective working relationships with other responders, including police, fire, emergency medical, public health, military, and intelligence agencies
  • Use of smarter and more powerful tools to support updated evacuation models and prepare traffic response scenarios
  • Transportation agencies’ understanding and readiness to work with other responders at the incident scene through the use of the ICS
  • Extension of TIM programs to evacuation procedures
  • Agencies’ identification of critical information technology resources, assessment of the risks, and identification and implementation of counter measures
  • How to protect communications networks and TMCs
  • Agencies’ prioritization and implementation of intelligent infrastructure along critical evacuation routes
  • Understanding and implementation of agency communications systems that are compatible with other modes and other responders.