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An Interim Guidebook on the Congestion Management Process in Metropolitan Transportation Planning

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Table of Contents

Cover Letter


1.0 Preface

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Purpose

2.2 Changes in Statute and Planning Regulations

2.3 Relating CMP to Elements of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan

2.4 An Objectives-driven, Performance-Based Approach to Addressing Congestion

2.5 Definition – What is a CMP?

2.6 Benefits of the CMP

2.7 Making the Link to Operations Objectives in the MTP

2.8 Roadmap to the CMP Guidebook

3.0 Basics of the CMP

3.1 What We Learned from CMS

3.2 CMP Content

3.3 Getting Started and Developing the CMP ("8 Steps")

3.4 Lessons Learned from Current Practice

3.5 Challenges and Opportunities

4.0 Development and Implementation of an Objectives-Driven CMP

4.1 Developing a CMP

4.2 Beyond the "8 Steps" - A Sustainable CMP

4.3 Developing Congestion Management Objectives

4.4 Applying the CMP

4.5 The CMP as a Linkage between Planning and NEPA

4.6 Other Potential Applications of CMP Approach

4.6.1 Freight Planning

4.6.2 Safety Planning

4.6.3 Land Use

4.6.4 Nonmotorized Transport (Bicycle/Pedestrian)

4.6.5 Public Transportation

5.0 What Does an Objectives-Driven CMP Look Like?

5.1 Characteristics of the CMP

5.2 Documenting the CMP

5.2.1 Stand-Alone CMP Report

5.2.2 CMP as Part of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan

5.2.3 CMP and NEPA Documents

5.2.4 "State of the System" CMP Reporting

5.3 Using Congestion Objectives and Performance Measures for the CMP

5.4 Applications of ITS Regional Architectures

5.5 Use of Archived Operations Data

5.6 Scenarios (Hypothetical/Typical)

6.0 CMP Checklist/Self-Assessment

7.0 Conclusion

Appendix A. Legislative Language

Appendix B. Performance Measures and Analysis Tools

Appendix C. Glossary

Appendix D. References

List of Tables

List of Figures

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February 2008
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