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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Managed Lanes Modeling Process

Gustavo Baez, Wilber Smith Associates

Gustavo Baez discussed the modeling process for managed lanes. He provided a definition of managed lanes and presented the goals of the modeling process. He described the types of modeling studies typically conducted in Texas and illustrated issues that may be encountered in the modeling process.

Estimating the Benefits from BRT/Managed Lane Alternatives Using SMITE-ML 2.0

Patrick DeCorla-Souza, Federal Highway Administration

Patrick DeCorla-Souza discussed the use of SMITE-ML to estimate the potential benefits of BRT and managed lane alternatives. He described the purpose of sketch planning, the features of SMITE-ML, and the use of the model. He also presented a case study application.

Management of Special Use Lanes: SUL Model Development and Analysis

Yuko Nakanishi, Nakanishi Research and Consulting

Yuko Nakanishi discussed the application of simulation and mathematical models with special use lanes. She described some of the benefits and issues associated with the use of simulation and mathematical models, as well as the methodology for applying them with special use lanes.

Coding BRT, Park-and-Ride Lots and Transit in the Context of a Dynamic and Interactive Regional Traffic Model at the Atlanta Regional Commission

Guy Rousseau, Atlanta Regional Commission

Guy Rousseau discussed the process of coding BRT, park-and-ride lots, and public transportation services in the regional traffic model at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). He described the regional traffic model, the definitions and coding requirements of different transit elements, and some of the issues encountered with use of the model.

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