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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Don Samdahl, Mirai Transportation Planning and Engineering, Presiding

Traffic and Revenue Analysis: I-10 Managed Lanes in Houston and I-635 Managed Lanes in Dallas

Cissy Szeto, Wilbur Smith Associates and Stacey Falzarano, Resource System Group, Inc.

Cissy Szeto and Stacey Falzarano described the traffic and revenue analysis conducted for the I-10West managed lanes in Houston and the I-635 managed lanes in Dallas. They summarized the key characteristics of each project, the objectives of the study and the results of different tasks. The study was conducted for TxDOT and HCTRA.

Evaluating Pricing Strategies for Managed Lanes

Jianling Li, University of Texas, Arlington

Jianling Li described a recent research project conducted for TxDOT, which developed a pricing evaluation model for managed lanes. She noted the assistance of Sia Ardekani and Shekhar Govind from the University of Texas at Arlington with the project.

Development of a Toll Revenue Estimating Tool

Bill Stockton, Texas Transportation Institute

Bill Stockton discussed the development and use of a sketch planning level tool for estimating toll revenues funded through a TxDOT research project. He summarized the basic elements of estimating toll revenues, the assumptions behind the estimates, and the development of the toll revenue estimating tool.

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