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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Robert Cady, Federal Highway Administration, Presiding

Xpress Lanes: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Strategic Initiative to Managing Congestion

Jennifer Tsien, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

Jennifer Tsien described the evolution of toll facilities and the use of electronic toll collection in Florida. She discussed the Xpress Lane concept, the partnership approach being used to implement the concept, current projects, and future initiatives.

MnPASS System Study

John Doan, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Jeffery Buxbaum, Cambridge Systematics, Inc

John Doan and Jeffery Buxbaum discussed the MnPASS System study. They described the background to the study, the study process, the technical findings, and areas for further research. They acknowledged the involvement of Mike Subolewsky and Paul Czech with Mn/DOT in the study and the development of the presentation.

Implementing Road Pricing — European and North American Models

Jeffrey Casello, University of Waterloo

Jeffrey Casello provided a comparison of North American and European approaches to implementing road pricing projects. He described the evolution and goals related to road pricing and provided examples of successful projects. He reviewed the North American and European approaches and described opportunities and challenges in transferring these experiences. He noted the assistance of Christopher Martin Puchalsky and Mario Semmier, Ph.D. candidates at the University of Pennsylvania with the research for the presentation.

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