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12th International HOV Systems Conference: Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT

Conference Proceedings


Heidi Stamm, HS Public Affairs, Presiding

Integrating Ridesharing Promotion and Incentives into HOV Lane Projects: Current Experience and Future Needs

Eric Schreffler, Eric Schreffler Transportation Consultant

Eric Schreffler discussed potential approaches for increasing the use of HOT lanes by HOVs. He provided an overview of the I-15 FasTrak™ project in San Diego, including the promotion of alternative modes. He also described a potential approach using revenues for user choice subsidies to help encourage the use of HOV modes.

An Analysis of Casual Carpool Passenger Behavior in Houston

Justin Winn, Wilbur Smith Associates

Justin Winn discussed the use of casual carpooling on the Houston HOV lanes. He provided an overview of casual carpooling with HOV lanes in the U.S. and described the results of surveys of Houston casual carpoolers conducted as part of the QuickRide value pricing project.

Reservation-Based ITS Systems: Real-Time Variable Congestion Pricing on the Proposed I-75 HOV/BRT Facility

Weimin Huang, Georgia Tech University

Weimin Huang discussed the potential of using real-time variable congestion pricing on the proposed I-75 HOV/BRT facility in Atlanta. He recognized Randy Guensler, Michael Hunter, Seung Kook Wu, and Joonhoo Ko at the Georgia Institute of Technology for their assistance on the project.

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