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Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) Program and Grantees

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) provided grants in 2012 and 2013 under the Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) Program. The purpose of the MCOM research program is to promote regional cooperation, planning, and shared project implementation for programs and projects to improve multimodal transportation system management and operations.

The MCOM Program uses funds under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), and extended in the Surface Transportation Act of 2012. Section 5211 of SAFETEA-LU (Pub. L. 109-59; 119 Stat. 1144) as codified in Section 511 of Title 23, United States Code (23 U.S.C. 511).


Multistate Corridor Operations and Management Program – 2012 Grants
Project/ Description Funded Activity Description
I-95 Corridor Coalition
  • Next Generation Vehicle Probe Date Acquisition, Data Archiving Analysis Tool, Enhanced Performance Measures, and Research/Capacity Building
  • Freight Academy IV
  • Operations Academy Scholarships
  • Enhance & sustain web site for members, transportation community, and traveling public.
West Coast Corridor Coalition Clean Green and Smart Corridor Development
  • Alternative Fueling Infrastructure inventory and business model template design.
Great Northern Corridor Multistate Planning and Development Study
  • Comprehensive review of studies, plans, and documents on the corridor and surrounding area. Inventory of existing assets. Determine capacity of exiting rail lines to accommodate additional traffic.
  • Analysis of good movements in the region, origin – destination study, & flow analysis.
  • Visioning, participation, & presentations.
North/West Passage Corridor Coalition
  • Data ingest and transformation software, information dissemination tool, real-time multistate coordination tool, and sustainability study.
I-15 Mobility Alliance
  • Multistate dynamic mobility – real time performance monitoring and dissemination.
  • Data acquisition from commercial vehicle fleet, develop multi-state corridor web site, develop decision support system, and establish traffic management center coordination activities.
Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition
  • Collecting and centralizing information on upcoming high impact Work Zones. Developing WZ mapping application. Performance monitoring and assessment.
  • Enhance existing Gateway Traveler Information System. Identify current needs, practices, and tools used by existing centers. Find opportunities and develop solutions.


Multistate Corridor Operations and Management Program – 2013 Grants
Project/ Description Funded Activity Description
I-95 Corridor Coalition
  • Incident Management & Operations Info Sharing/Training
    • Operations Academy
    • Regional Highway Operations Group Forums
    • Closing the Real-Time Data Gap
    • CADD Integration Guidelines
  • Multistate Performance Measurement
    • Next Gen Vehicle Probe
    • Performance Monitoring, Coordination, Map-21
    • Work Zone monitoring
    • Optimal Traffic monitoring
    • Real-Time Volume and Origin /Destination
  • Performance Measures Tools & Training
    • Freight Academy
Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition
  • Performance Management Assessment and Feedback
  • Interstate Highway Work Zone Coordination
  • Connect Centers and GTIS Enhancements
  • Project management costs associated with funded projects
ITS Heartland Corridor Coalition
  • Provide real-time data on rural freeways
  • Regional ATIS clearinghouse/data aggregator operational test
I-81 Corridor Coalition
  • Provide a framework for freight planning & performance measurement consistent with MAP-21
  • Develop a plan for a near real-time corridor freight information system
  • Project management costs associated with funded phases
Great Northern Corridor
  • SWOT analysis
  • Planning level analysis
  • Project identification and definition
  • Finding and recommendation summary report
I-80 Corridor Coalition
  • Multi-State Road Impact Information to Truckers
  • Expand Coalition and Initiate Joint Summits
  • Project management costs associated with funded projects
The West Coast Corridor Coalition
  • Truck parking forecasting and expansion of truck parking reservations
  • Smart truck parking and port forums
  • Final report summary of tasks

Points of Contact

Robert Arnold
FHWA Director
Office of Transportation Management (HOTM)
(202) 366-1285

Kate Hartman
RITA Program Manager
Truck and Program Assessment
(202) 366-2742