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Managing Travel for Planned Special Events: First National Conference Proceedings



Jeff Randall, Siemens ITS, Presiding

ITS Support and Applications

Carlton J. Allen
Texas Department of Transportation/TranStar

Carlton Allen discussed the ITS applications associated with transportation management during Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston. He provided an overview of the ITS elements in the city, the agencies involved, and the special applications used to help manage traffic for the Super Bowl.

ITS Support for Special Events Operations

Gregg Loane and Carl-Henry Piel
IBI Group

Greg Loane discussed the use of ITS support for special event operations. He described some of the available ITS technologies and provided examples of ITS applications to enhance transportation management at recent special events.


Managing Planned Special Events: The VDOT Northern Virginia SMART Traffic Signal System Approach

Xiaoling (Ling) Li and Katherine D. Jefferson
Virginia Department of Transportation

Ling Li and Katherine Jefferson participated in the Technical Exchange Session. Their display highlighted the traffic signal system approach used by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for planned special events.

Evaluation of Intelligent Transportation Systems for the Planning and Operations of Olympic Events

Osama Tomeh and Georges B. Darido
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Osama Tomeh and Georges Darido participated in the Technical Exchange Session. Their display provided information on the experience with transportation for the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, Sydney in 2000, and Athens in 2004. It also covered transportation for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The display addressed the pre-event plans and objectives, operations during the Olympics, and post-event lessons and legacies.

Applications of ITS for Planned Special Events in Texas

Jeff Whitacre
Texas Transportation Institute

Jeff Whitacre participated in the Technical Exchange Session. His display focused on ITS applications for planned special events in Texas, including information on the use of ITS technologies and traffic management strategies to help manage planned special events in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso. TxDOT has the lead role in the deployment and operation of these applications. TxDOT coordinates these efforts with local, regional, and transit agencies in managing traffic for special events.


Rich Taylor, ITS America, Presiding

The Game Outside the Game

Michael S. Frisbie
City of Phoenix

Mike Frisbie discussed the downtown traffic management system in Phoenix and how it is used for events at the Civic Center, Bank One Ballpark, and the America West Arena. He also described the use of the Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) delivery process, which was used with some elements of the system.

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