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Managing Travel for Planned Special Events: First National Conference Proceedings



Les Jacobson, PB Farradyne, Presiding

Getting the Word Out: Communicating with the Public and Media

Dana Newsome
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Dana Newsome discussed key elements to effective communication with the public and media on traffic management for planned special events. She described recent projects in Louisiana and Florida. She highlighted key elements in developing a message, formulating a plan, and delivering the message. She also discussed media interviewing, connecting with your audience, and conducting evaluations.

Planning and Operations for Special Events in Washington, D.C. — WWII Memorial Dedication and the Funeral of President Ronald Reagan

Craig Baldwin
Department of Transportation, District of Columbia

Craig Baldwin discussed the transportation planning and operations for two recent special events in Washington, D.C. The first special event was the dedication of the National World War II Memorial and the second was the funeral of President Ronald Reagan.

The National WWII Memorial Dedication Event — Planning Considerations and Lessons Learned

Jamie Quarrelles
District of Columbia Department of Transportation

Jamie Quarrelles discussed transportation planning activities for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial in the District of Columbia. She provided an overview of transportation planning for special events in Washington, D.C. She described the planning, operation, and evaluation of the transportation elements of the World War II Memorial Dedication.


Simulation Applications in Planned Special Event Management

Sudheer Dhulipala and Gloria Bender

Sudheer Dhulipala and Gloria Bender participated in the Technical Exchange Session. Their display focused on simulation applications with planned special event management. The display covered the relevance of simulation, issues associated with simulating special events, and the Las Vegas International Airport Roadway Project and other case study examples.

Event Operations Planning for an Australasian V8 Supercar Street Race

Steve Reddish
Traffic Planning Consultants, Ltd., New Zealand

Steve Reddish participated in the Technical Exchange Session. His display focused on planning for a V8 Supercar street race in Auckland, New Zealand. It highlighted the importance in planning a street race involving road closures in a busy part of a large city and not underestimate the work needed to demonstrate that the city can continue functioning, affected businesses and residents can be accommodated, and people can be transported to and from the event.


John Exnicios, Urban Systems, Presiding

Planning for Operations, A Gold Medal Example

David Kinnecom
Utah Department of Transportation

David Kinnecom discussed planning and operating the transportation system for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. He provided an overview of the venues, the planning process, and operations during the games.

Planning for Operations, A Gold Medal Example – Using LIFT-2002

Andrea Olson
InterPlan Co.

Andrea Olson discussed the development and use of the Logistical Information for Transportation (LIFT-2002) project, which was used in planning the transportation elements of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. She highlighted the purpose of the project and other possible uses.

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