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Long Description: Figure 13. Paths of the Axle centerlines of the Control Double as it Executes the 12-ft. Avoidance Maneuver

The path of the 12-ft lane change for control double is illustrated in Figure 13. Figure 13 shows that, while the steer axle follows the intended path quite well, the drive and trailer axles lag behind during the main part of the maneuver and overshoot at the conclusion of the maneuver. The matrix is organized by lateral position in feet (-2 to 14 feet) by station in feet (0 to 1100 feet), and measures the path of each of the 5 vehicle axles to a target path. The path for the control double's 5 axles to the target path is very tight starting at 0 feet station with the lateral position at 0 feet moving. At 400 feet station the 5 axles climb from 0 feet lateral position to 12-13 feet lateral position by 600 feet station. From 600 feet to 1100 feet station, the 5 axles remain around 12 feet lateral potion.

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