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Long Description: Figure D2. Trailer-to-Trailer Spacing Schematic

The following spacing distances (labeled A through AE) were measured for 28-ft trailers and 33-ft trailers. The corresponding dimensions are recorded in Table D2. A- Steer axle - tractor kingpin B- Steer axle - second axle C- Tractor kingpin - third axle D- Tractor kingpin - first trailer kingpin E- Tractor kingpin - center of gravity first trailer F- First trailer payload length G- First trailer kingpin - second trailer kingpin H- First trailer kingpin - fourth axle I- Nothing J- Second trailer kingpin - fifth axle K- Skipped, no information. L- Second trailer kingpin - second trailer center of gravity M- Second trailer payload length N- First trailer front - first trailer kingpin O- Second trailer front - second trailer kingpin P- First trailer kingpin - first trailer end Q- Fifth axle - second trailer end R- First trailer front - front of first trailer payload S- First trailer end of payload - first trailer end T- Third axle - first trailer kingpin U- Third axle - first trailer end V- Second trailer front - second trailer payload front W- Second trailer payload end - second trailer end X- Steer axle - third axle Y- Steer axle - fourth axle Z- Steer axle - fifth axle AA- First trailer end - second trailer front AB- Second trailer payload end - fifth axle AC- Third axle - fourth axle AD- First trailer front - first trailer end AE- Second trailer front - second trailer end

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