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Long Description: Figure C5. Control Double Vehicle Path While Executing the 12-ft. Lane Change Maneuver

Figure C5 shows a typical path of a simulated tractor and the corresponding lateral acceleration in two separate, line graphs, (1) lateral position in feet to time in seconds, and (2) lateral acceleration (gravitational units) to time in seconds. In the top graph (lateral positions), the line is level from 0.0 to just short of 6 seconds and still 0 lateral position. At that point, the lateral position inclines to 12 by the 8 seconds mark where it levels off and remains at the lateral position at 15 seconds. The bottom graph (lateral acceleration), begins at 0.0 gravitational units in lateral acceleration and 0 time in seconds. Remains at 0.0 gravitational units for about 5 seconds where it jumps about .015 by 6 seconds. The line is jagged until it drops sharply from about .015 at just past 6 seconds to almost -0.2 at 8 seconds. The line then rises to just about 0.0 gravitational units between 9 and 10 seconds, jumps around slightly before leveling off at 0.0 gravitational units at just past 10 seconds and remaining at 0.0 at 15 seconds.

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