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Title Talking Freight Webinar for February 21, 2018: Wyoming Interstate 80 Connected Vehicle Pilot Project
Date Posted 2/12/2018
Description In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of research conducted by both public sector government agencies and private sector vehicle manufacturers and freight carriers regarding connected and automated vehicles, including trucks. Connected and automated trucks potentially could provide many benefits to both freight carriers and other roadway users, most obviously in the form of safer and more efficient operations and reduced costs. Other, less obvious benefits may also be achievable however. One such benefit could be to more easily monitor and share road conditions on high volume truck corridors, especially those vulnerable to disruptions such as severe weather events. The state of Wyoming, a large, rural state that often experiences extreme weather during the winter months, has begun a connected vehicle pilot project to try to better monitor and share roadway conditions in the state along Interstate 80, the state’s primary east-west highway and truck corridor. The Wyoming Department of Transportation views the freight industry as an important consumer of information about road conditions on I-80. With truck volumes approaching nearly half of the total daily traffic on the roadway, WYDOT is working with national and local truck carriers to equip 400 trucks with connected vehicle technologies so weather forecasts and conditions can be shared directly to commercial fleet operators on the road as well as prior to the trip. This webinar will highlight the ways that that state Departments of Transportation and freight carriers can work together to advance connected vehicle technologies while improving the quality of information available to trucks and fleet operators.

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