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Title Talking Freight Webinar for October 18, 2017: Best Practices in Permitting Oversize and Overweight Vehicles
Date Posted 10/12/2017
Description Some industries rely extensively on utilizing oversize or overweight trucks to handle their shipments, due to the nature of the goods being shipped. Due to the greater challenges with navigating these trucks and the potential infrastructure impacts they can create if they aren't properly checked, ensuring permitting procedures are optimized to minimize the possibility of accidents or other incidents is critical. A new guidebook recently released by FHWA titled "Best Practices in Permitting Oversize and Overweight Vehicles" discussed some of the various best permitting practices that have been implemented by states around the country, and gives all states guidance that they can use when issuing permits for oversize or overweight trucks in their jurisdictions. This webinar will feature discussion about best oversize and overweight vehicle permitting procedures from both the state Department of Transportation and the freight hauling industry's points of view.

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