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Title New Bill Would Permit 91,000-lb. rigs with Extra Axle
Date Posted 10/1/2015
Description Pointing to productivity and safety benefits, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) announced Thursday that he will introduce legislation to allow 91,000-lb., six-axle tractor-trailers on the federal interstate highway system. The Safe, Flexible and Efficient Trucking Act (Safe Trucking Act) will be offered as an amendment to the surface transportation reauthorization, or highway bill, expected to be taken up in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (T&I) next week. Speaking on a teleconference with members of the news media, Ribble explained the extra axle would distribute the weight load and actually improve braking power, compared to a 5-axle rig at 80,000 pounds. Based on a "deep dive on the data" in the recently released DOT truck size and weight study, current infrastructure standards can support 91,000-lb., six-axle loads without additional "rehab costs" to Interstate bridges.

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