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National Coalition on Truck Parking: Technology and Data Working Group - Truck Parking Availability Detection and Information Dissemination

Long Description for Figure 1: Components of a smart parking system.

The Image is of a flow chart for the components of a smart parking system. There are three levels: sensors, data processing, and truck drivers.


  • Some combination of video camera, in-ground sensor, infrared sensor, radar, or laser scanner.

There is a downward arrow to the next area, Data Processing.

Data Processing

  • Pertains to an advanced traffic management system or private server. To the right is a box labeled System Component with a bi-directional arrow labeled "Telecommunication Network".

There is a downward arrow towards "Truck Drivers" section, that is labeled "Information Dissemination" and a bi-directional arrow going up and down to the "Truck Drivers" section labeled "Parking Reservation".

Truck Drivers


  • Pertains to ELD or DSRC enabled unit.


  • Relates to a dynamic message sign with type "A" insert.


  • Includes mobile apps, interactive voice response, or websites.

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