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Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit Conditions and Performance: 23rd Edition: Part III: Highway Freight Transportation - Report to Congress

Long Description for Exhibit 12-2. Pavement Ride Quality (IRI) Based on Mileage on the NHFN

This bar chart shows the percentage of total miles on the NHFN that are either poor quality (when IRI is greater than 170), fair quality (when IRI is between 95 and 170), good quality (when the IRI is less than 95), and acceptable quality (which is defined as either good or fair quality). The least number of miles are defined as poor quality, at just 4% of total miles on the NHFN; 19% of total miles on the NHFN are defined as fair quality, and 77% are defined as good quality. Thus, 96% of all miles on the NHFN are categorized as acceptable.

IRI  Interstate NonInterstate Total NHFN Overall Percent
Good (IRI less than 95) 38,003.9 2,066.2 40,070.0 77.0%
Fair (IRI from 95 to 170) 8,538.2 1,291.1 9,829.3 18.9%
Poor (IRI more than 170) 1,511.0 609.7 2,120.7 4.1%
Total Miles 48,053.2 3,966.9 52,020.1 100.0%

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