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Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit Conditions and Performance: 23rd Edition: Part III: Highway Freight Transportation - Report to Congress

Long Description for Exhibit 11-3. Tonnage on Highways, Railroads, and Waterways, 2013.

This exhibit is an outline map of the 48 contiguous states and insets for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico show freight flows by mode. Freight volume is indicated by line thickness for 250 million tons per year, 125 million tons per year, and 62.5 million tons per year. Highways have numerous routes shown across the map. The heaviest volume is in the region that includes the East Coast and Midwest states; heavy volume is also shown across the southern states, California, and Washington. Railroads show the heaviest volume in states in the Great Plains. Inland Waterways are dominated by freight on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, increasing with flow southward to the Gulf of Mexico. Sources: Highways—Federal Highway Administration, Freight Analysis Framework, Version 3.4, 2013; Rail—Surface Transportation Board, Annual Carload Waybill Sample, Federal Railroad Administration, Rail Freight Flow Assignments (2013); Waterways—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Annual Vessel Operating Activity, Tennessee Valley Authority, Lock Performance Monitoring System data for USACE, USACE Institute for Water Resources, Waterborne Foreign Trade Data, USACE Water Flow Assignments (2013).

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