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Long Description for Exhibit 11-15: Top 15 Interstates with Truck Parking Shortages Cited by Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association Survey (OOIDA)/American Trucking Associations (ATA) Truck Drivers and Professionals, 2014

This graph shows a bar chart of the top 15 Interstates that truck drivers and professionals have identified as having truck parking shortages, organized by number of comments. I-95 has the largest amount of shortages identified, and I-40 has the second largest. I-15 has the least number of truck parking shortages identified.

Interstate Number of Comments
I-95 180
I-40 136
I-80 126
I-81 100
I-10 100
I-70 97
I-75 71
I-20 59
I-90 59
I-84 50
I-5 48
I-65 45
I-94 43
I-85 27
I-15 26


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