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Freight Facts and Figures 2012

Table 3-17. Average Time for Trucks to Travel One Mile at Selected U.S.-Canada Border Crossings: 2011

Border crossings are potential bottlenecks in the freight transportation network. FHWA monitors truck crossing times at 15 U.S.-Canada border crossings. At all but two borders, transit times were longer for inbound U.S. traffic than for travel to Canada.

Table in Excel format

Location Direction Average Minutes per Mile
Ambassador Bridge - Detroit, MI Inbound 6.16
Outbound 4.22
Port Huron, MI Inbound 5.58
Outbound 4.19
Peace Bridge - Buffalo, NY Inbound 5.34
Outbound 4.83
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge - Lewiston, NY Inbound 4.63
Outbound 4.46
Champlain, NY Inbound 4.94
Outbound 3.68
Blaine, WA Inbound 7.75
Outbound 6.52
Alexandria Bay, NY Inbound 5.28
Outbound 4.02
Pembina, ND Inbound 5.73
Outbound 4.62
Derby, VT Inbound 4.63
Outbound 3.54
Calais, ME Inbound 5.55
Outbound 3.77
Sumas, WA Inbound 6.56
Outbound 5.13
Highgate, VT Inbound 3.58
Outbound 2.82
Houlton, ME Inbound 4.72
Outbound 2.98
Sweetgrass, MT Inbound 9.26
Outbound 7.41
Jackman, ME Inbound 2.85
Outbound 3.43


U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Freight Management and Operations, 2012.


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