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Freight Facts and Figures 2008

Figure 3-6. Major Truck Routes on the National Highway System: 2002

Selected routes carry a significant concentration of trucks, either as an absolute number or as a percentage of the traffic stream.  More than 4,000 miles of the National Highway System (NHS) carry more than 10,000 trucks per day on sections where at least every fourth vehicle is a truck. 


Figure 3-6. U.S. map showing major concentrations of trucking in central California; along the I-40, I-81, and I-84 corridors between Los Angels and New York; and the I-95 corridor in the Northeast.

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AADTT is average annual daily truck traffic, and includes freight-hauling long-distance trucks, freight-hauling local trucks, and other trucks with six or more tires. AADT is average annual daily traffic, and includes all motor vehicles.


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