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Figure 4-1: Value Added by Freight Transportation to GDP by Mode (Billions of dollars)

Freight transportation is a big part of the economy. The value generated by transportation services in moving goods and people on the transportation system is about 5 percent of GDP. In the transportation services sector about 60 percent of the value is generated by for-hire transportation services and the rest is generated by “in-house” transportation (transportation provide by businesses for their own use). In-house trucking accounted for $142 billion in GDP in 1996 and for-hire trucking accounted for $101 billion.

See paragraph above and table below for explanation of Figure 4-1

Data represented in the figure
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empty Cell Railroad Water Pipeline For-hire trucking In-house trucking

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, special tabulation, September 2000.

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