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Figure 2-8: Top U.S. Container Ports by Containerized Cargo: 2003 (Thousands of TEUs)

Containerized cargo has grown rapidly over the past few years and is concentrated at a few large water ports. The Port of Los Angeles handles about one-fifth of all the container traffic at water ports in the United States. Together with the Port of Long Beach, this share increases to more than one-third. Container trade at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach doubled between 1994 and 2003. Overall containerized cargo increased by about 75 percent over this period.

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Data represented in the figure
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Ports Rank TEUs (thousands)
Los Angeles, CA14,664
Long Beach, CA23,091
New York, NY32,803
Charleston, SC41,250
Savannah, GA51,124
Norfolk, VA61,093
Oakland, CA71,064
Houston, TX8933
Tacoma, WA9931
Seattle, WA10815
Miami, FL11764
Port Everglades, FL12423
Baltimore, MD13307
New Orleans, LA14237
Portland, OR15210
Wilmington, DE16195
San Juan, PR17185
Gulfport, MS18179
W. Palm Beach, FL19140
Jacksonville, FL20113
Philadelphia, PA21103
Boston, MA2293
Newport News, VA2380
Chester, PA2472
Wilmington, NC2571

Key: TEUs=twenty-foot equivalent units.

Source: U.S.Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, Top 30 U.S. Container Ports by Direction, CY 2003, based on data provided by Port Import/Export Reporting Service, 2004.

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