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Components of Major Freight Corridors Map

U.S. map showing major highway corridors throughout California, I-5 in Oregon and Washington, the highways radiating from Dallas, east-west highways in Arkansas and Tennessee, north-south highways from the Great Lakes to Florida, I-81 from Tennessee to Pennsylvania, I-70 and I-87 from Saint Louis to new York, and I-95 from Richmond to Boston; rail plus highway routes from Los Angeles to Chicago, Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City to New York City; rail routes from Wyoming to Iowa, Missouri, and Oklahoma; and water routes on the Mississippi River from Saint Louis to New Orleans and the Ohio River.

High-Resolution Images


Highway & Rail is additional highway mileage with daily truck payload equivalents based on annual average daily truck traffic plus average daily intermodal service on parallel railroads. Average daily intermodal service is the annual tonnage moved by container-on-flatcar and trailer-on-flatcar service divided by 365 days per year and 16 tons per average truck payload.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Freight Management and Operations, 2008.

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