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Appendix A
Economic Effects of Transportation: The Freight Story
Final Report

Exhibit 11: Deregulation led to a decrease in trucking rates.

A line graph showing truck revenue per truck-mile in dollars and rail revenue per ton-mile in cents. Truck revenue per truck-mile is shown for 1980 through 1999 in constant 1996 dollars. Rail revenue per ton-mile is shown for 1980 through 1998 in constant 1996 dollars. Revenue per truck mile was approximately $2.95 in 1980 rising to $3.05 in 1982 before falling to $2.75 in 1984, approximately $2.30 in 1990, rising a little to $2.35 in 1991, and then falling steadily to about $1.55 in 1999. Rail revenue per ton-mile was approximately 4.9 cents in 1980, rising to 5.5 cents in 1982, falling sharply to 3.1 cents in 1980, and then continuing to fall to 2.1 cents in 1998.

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