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FAF3 Network Database and Flow Assignment: 2007 and 2040

The Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) estimates commodity movements by truck and weight for truck-only, long distance moves over specific highways. Models are used to disaggregate interregional flows from the Origin-Destination Database into flows between localities and to assign these flows to individual highways using average payloads per truck, and truck counts on individual highway segments. Using route number and milepost, functional classification of the highway, number of lanes, and other highway characteristics for individual highway links, truck tonnage is assigned to the network segments. Models used to disaggregate flows are based on geographic distributions of economic activity rather than a detailed understanding of local conditions and the resulting network flows should not be used as a substitute for local data to support local planning and project development.

Network Data

If you have GIS software, download the network and boundary layers that correspond to your GIS software:

To use the results in software other than GIS, download the FAF Output database file.

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