Office of Operations Freight Management and Operations

Evaluation of Travel Time Methods to Support Mobility Performance Monitoring:
FY 2001 Synthesis Report

Final Report

April 2002


Office of Freight Mgt. and Operations
Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation
Washington, DC 20590

International Border Crossing Truck Travel Time for 2001


Texas Transportation Institute
The Texas A&M University System


Battelle Memorial Institute

April 17, 2002

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Border Crossing Process
What Is the Mobility Measure?
Delay per Truck Trip (in Minutes or Hours)
Data Collection
Crossing Volumes
Delay Time
Buffer Time and Buffer Index
Crossing Volume/Crossing Time Relationships
Time/Volume per Lane/Open Booth Relationships

List of Figures

Figure 1 Data Collection Locations and Typical Border Crossing System
Figure 2 Schematic Display of Free-Flow Time, Process Time and Delay Time
Figure 3 Average Delay
Figures A1–A76 Appendix Tables

List of Tables

Table ES1 Performance Measure Summary
Table 1 Data Collection Dates and Times
Table 2 Average Delay Time Summary at Selected Border Crossings
Table 3 Travel Time Information
Table 4 Comparison of Outbound and Inbound Buffer Times (in minutes)
Table 5 Comparison of Inbound Buffer Times (in minutes)
Table 6 Comparison of Outbound Buffer Times (in minutes)

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