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High Occupancy/Toll Lanes Web Cast

On June 13, 2007, the Office of Operations, in partnership with the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) hosted a web cast that provided information about High Occupancy/Toll (HOT) Lanes. Presentations were focused on the FHWA HOV program, experiences and lessons learned from the Minnesota MNPASS and Colorado I-25 Express Lanes Programs. In addition, the Acting Deputy Administrator/Chief Counsel of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Mr. David Horner, provided remarks on the FTA Final Policy Statement pertaining to the HOV-HOT conversion and the classification of fixed guideway for FTA's funding formulas. The web cast concluded with 30-minute questions and answers session. Discussions included policy, design, operational, and evaluations aspects of these programs. Approximately 100 people registered and participated in the web cast. All presentations are now available on the NTOC web site at: [Link no longer active]. The recorded seminar with audio and transcript is posted at the site.

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