Freeway Management Program
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Transportation Management Centers

The Transportation Management Center (TMC) is the hub or nerve center of most freeway management systems. It is the data about the freeway system is collected and processed, fused with other operational and control data, synthesized to produce "information", and distributed to stakeholders such as the media, other agencies, and the traveling public. TMC staff uses the information to monitor the operation of the freeway and to initiate control strategies that affect changes in the operation of the freeway network. It is also where agencies can coordinate their responses to traffic situations and incidents.

The role of a TMC often goes beyond the freeway network and the particular responsible agency, functioning as the key technical and institutional hub to bring together the various jurisdictions, modal interests, and service providers to focus on the common goal of optimizing the performance of the entire surface transportation system. Because of its critical role in the successful operation of a freeway management system (and perhaps the broader surface transportation network), it is essential that the TMC be planned for, designed, commissioned and maintained to allow operators and other practitioners to control and manage the functional elements of the freeway management system, and possibly beyond.

TMC Pooled Fund Study

The TMC Pooled-Fund Study (PFS) is intended to identify and address the key issues and challenges that are common among TMCs. The TMC PFS is a joint effort between the Federal Highway Administration and public transportation management agencies at the regional, state and local levels.


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