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Highway Traffic Operations and Freeway Management: State-of-the-Practice White Paper

This paper summarizes the state-of-the-practice and state-of-the-art nationally associated with the operation and proactive management of traffic on freeway facilities. It provides guidance and recommended practices on how to manage traffic and influence decisions that are made throughout the life cycle of a freeway facility, to optimize its performance, and the investments that have been or may be made in the future with this asset. This report focuses on the proactive management and operation of freeway, expressway, and toll road facilities. This white paper is inter-related to, and can be considered a companion document with, the new Freeway Management and Operations Handbook (FMOH).

This report will benefit transportation professionals that may be involved with, or responsible for, decisions that may be made in any phase in the life cycle of a freeway facility. These interests may include the managers and people who directly or indirectly support freeway facilities at State, county, or local agencies; toll, turnpike, or port authorities; or metropolitan planning organizations. The report will help these interests by providing them with the information contained within this document to:

  • Assess their current traffic operations program, traffic management systems, and how they manage and operate freeway facilities;
  • Compare their current practices to the state-of-the-practice or state-of-the-art nationally; and
  • Develop ideas, initiatives, and a plan to improve upon current practices and move toward these recommended national practices.

Highway Traffic Operations and Freeway Management: State-of-the-Practice White Paper (HTML, PDF 274KB)

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