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Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 7-1: Freeway Management Programs and Their Relationships with the Surface Transportation Program


Freeway Management Programs and their relationship with the Surface Transportation Program. The graphic illustrates the relationship using peices of a puzzle. In the background of the graphic are a series of connected puzzle pieces is shown with a block of puzzle pieces missing. The missing block of puzzle pieces is brought forward and appear larger in size. These puzzle pieces represent the six freeway management programs. The puzzle pieces are arranged in a block 3 puzzle pieces high and 2 puzzle pieces wide. Starting at top left, and continuing down, the puzzle peices are labeled; HOV Treatments, Ramp Management, and Incident Management. Similarly, the puzzle pieces on the right side of the block starting with the top puzzle piece and continuing down are labeled; Information Dissemination, Surveillance and Incident Detection, and Lane Use Control. All puzzle pieces are white with the exception of the puzzle piece labled "Ramp Management". This piece is colored to emphasize its relationship to the Freeway Management Program. In order for Ramp Management to be successfully achieved it must fit in with other Freeway Management and for that matter Surface Transportation Porgrams.