Photos of cars on freeway, speeding sign

Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 3-4: High Level Architecture Diagram

This diagram is shown as four colored rectangles representing classes filled with smaller white rectangles representing subsystems:

  • Travelers (yellow): remote traveler support and personal information access
  • Centers (green): information service provider, traffic management, emissions management, emergency management, transit management, toll administration, fleet and freight management, commercial vehicle administration, archived data management, and maintenance and construction management
  • Vehicles (blue): maintenance and construction vehicle, transit vehicle, commercial vehicle, emergency vehicle, and vehicle
  • Roadside (orange): roadway, toll collection, parking management, and commercial vehicle check.

They are all interconnected by straight lines representing communications links going through one of four pink ovals representing types of communications:

  • Wide area wireless (mobile)
  • Wireline (fixed-point to fixed-point)
  • Vehicle to vehicle
  • Dedicated short range