Photos of cars on freeway, speeding sign

Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 3-1: Activities That Comprise a Freeway Management & Operations Program

A program is shown as a funnel composed of different colored layers. Considerations from regional / statewide transportation planning and institutional environment / stakeholders are shown entering the funnel. The funnel is shown with the following layers, descending from top to bottom and decreasing in layer size:

  • Vision, policies, goals: the largest, top layer
  • Needs and potential services
  • Concept of operations
  • Determine performance measures
  • Decisions (management systems, staffing, other implements)
  • Operations staff, tools
  • Operator actions: the smallest, bottom layer.

Effects and outcomes, leading to evolution and refinement, are shown coming out of the bottom of the funnel and then feeding back up to transportation planning.