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Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 16-6: SRTMS Architecture

This high-level architecture diagram shows the county and city traffic management systems connected via XML / SOAP interface. The regional system is also connected to the Internet via a firewall.

The Regional Transportation Management System is shown with county and city clients (shown as personal computers) able to view and control the system. The regional system is connected through an XML / SOAP interface to System 1 for county clients and System 2 for city clients. System 1 contains action sets, a DMS server, CCTV server, and signal data. It controls traffic signals (fed by RTMS), DMS, and CCTV (shown as icons). System 2 contains QRP and signal data and controls traffic signals. System 2 is connected to System 1 through C2C.

The regional system also is connected to the Internet by a firewall (shown as a brick wall). Public web browsers allow users view only access to ATIS data. Public clients have view only access to ATMS data.