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Freeway Management and Operations Handbook

Description of Figure 11-2: Integration of Planned Special Event Management Phases

The phases of planned special event management are shown as program planning, which leads to event operations planning, which leads to training and implementation, which leads to day-of-event activities, which leads to post-event activities, which leads back to program planning.

The products associated with each of these five phases follow:

  • Program planning phase products: (1) interagency coordination, (2) policies and regulations, and (3) infrastructure deployment
  • Event operations planning phase products: (1) feasibility study, which leads to both traffic management plan and travel demand management; (2) traffic management, which leads to travel demand management; and (3) travel demand management, which leads back to traffic management plan
  • Training and implementation phase products: (1) implementation plan, which leads to both review and testing and personnel training; (2) review and testing, which leads back to implementation plan; and (3) personnel training
  • Day-of-event activities phase products: (1) traffic management and (2) traffic monitoring, which leads back to traffic management
  • Post-event activities phase products: (1) participant evaluation and (2) post-event debriefing, which both lead to (3) post-event report.