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ATCMTD Proposal: Central Valley Gateway ITS Project

Long Description for Figure 1: I-205 SMART Corridor Phase 1 Construction Contract Title Sheet

The image is of a plan design for the Central Valley Gateway ITS Project. The graphic is blurry and much of it is not readible. The title reads "State of California Department of Transportation: Project Plans for Construction on State Highway in Alameda and San Joaquin Counties at Various Locations. In the upper right corner there is a general map of California. Across the bottom is a street map of Tracy. Most of the map is not legible. There are some labeled spots:

Begin Construction (Route 205) ALA 205 PM I.O.O

End Construction (Route 580) ALA 580 PM O.09

End Construction (Route 580) ALA PM R1.1

End Construction (Rout 5) SJ 5 PM R13.6

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