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City of Tampa ATCMTD Initiative: Transportation Connectivity and Accessibility for All - Volume 1: Technical Application

Long Description for Figure 2: Tampa ATCMTD Initiative System Elements Conceptual Infographic (Page 2 of 2)

Description of Image

The image is of a cartoon depiction of instection of Marion ST. and Kennedly Blvd.

Items Labeled on the Map:

Electric Car - Static Wireless Autonomous Vehicle Charging

Information Booth - Multimodal Traveler Info and Trip Planning: Common Fare Payment System

Wireless Tower - Wireless Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging, Smart Grid ATCMTD Communications

Electric Car - Static Wireless Autonomous Vehicle Charging

Road strips - Smart Grid Energy Distribution for Electric Vehicle Charging

Intersection - Kennedy Blvd/I-275 ICM & TIM - Travel Time Sensors, Data Analytics for Decision Support, Adaptive Traffic Signal System

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