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City of Tampa ATCMTD Initiative: Transportation Connectivity and Accessibility for All - Volume 1: Technical Application

Long Description for Figure 2: Tampa ATCMTD Initiative System Elements Conceptual Infographic (Page 1 of 2)

Description of Image

The image is of a cartoon section of streets and buildings wiht the Hillsbourgh river running through the center. Throughout the map are sections highlighted with the following highlighted words:

Near an intersection:

Kennedy Blvd/1-275 ICM & TIM

  • CV Emergency Vehicle Preempt
  • Transit Vehicle Priority
  • Adaptive Signal Systems
  • I-Sig

Near a car approaching an intersection:

Kennedy Blvd/I-275 ICM & TIM

  • Travel Time Sensors
  • Data AnalyticSF for Decision Support
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal System

Near Hillsbourgh river:

Dots go from lightpole to antennae on building with the words "Flood Dection" beside the lightpole.

At Convention Center:

Pedestian Navigation

  • BPS

At Crosswalk:

Pedestrian Detection and Guidance

  • Smart Paint
  • Ped-Sig

At Traffic Stop:

Traffic and Emissions Monitoring

Near Buildings:

Smart Parking

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Mobile Payment/Reservations
  • License Plate Readers
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