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City of Tampa ATCMTD Initiative: Transportation Connectivity and Accessibility for All - Volume 1: Technical Application

Long Description for Figure 1: Tampa ATCMTD Initiative Immediate Deployment Area and Services


Employment - Gold
Health/Medical - Orange
Transportation/Goods Delivery - Maroon
Special Event/Entertainment/Recreation - Purple
Education - Blue
Municipal Services - Brown
CV Pilot Program - dotted line

Description of Image

The image is of a street map of Tampa. There is a large gold section in the center of the city between Interstate 275 and Kennedy Blvd. This seciton is labeled "Tampa's ATCMTD Initiative Immediate Deployment Area". The Dowtown district is in the Eastern section of the map and there is a dotted line around the area. Throughout the city are orange, maroon, purple, blue, and brown circular discs.

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