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University of Washington Subarea: Multimodal Integrated Corridor - Mobility for All (MICMA): Volume 1 Technical Application

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Table of Contents

2.1. Introduction
2.2. The City of Seattle Department of TRANSPORTATION (SDOT)
2.3. Redacted      
2.4. Issues and Challenges to be Addressed by the Technology
2.5. Systems and Services Proposed
2.6. Deployment Plan Including Ongoing Operations Maintenance, Monitoring and Improvements
2.7. Challenges
2.8. System Performance Improvements
2.9. Benefit Projections
2.10. Vision, Goals and Objectives
2.11 Partnering Plan
2.12 Leveraging Other Systems
2.13 Schedule
2.14 Connecting to U.S. DOT ITS Initiatives
3.1. Project Organization
3.2. Point of Contact

List of Figures

1. The MICMA Components
2. The UW Subarea
3. Sound Transit Light Rail Connects Diverse Neighborhoods in the Region to the UW Subarea
4. MICMA Integrated Systems
5.No Value Pedestrian Crashes 2012-2016
6. Bike Crashes 2012-2016
7. Systems Integration with Other Hardware and Software
8. ITMAP Offers Unparalleled Analytics to Support Ongoing and Project Performance Analysis
9. Adaptive Control Improvements in the Mercer Corridor
10. Proposed Schedule