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San Diego Regional Fare System Modernization - Volume 1: Technical Application

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Project Name Fare System Modernization
Eligible Entity Type Transit Agency
Total Project Cost $33,006,338
ATCMTD Request $11,166,338
Are matching funds restricted to a specific project component? If so, which one? No. Matching funds are not restricted to a specific project component.
State(s) in which the project is located. California
Is the project currently programmed in the:
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • MPO Long Range Transportation Plan
  • State Long Range Transportation Plan
MTS has formally committed $13,700,000 in MTS local funds to the project. These matching funds are currently programmed in two RTIP projects:
  • MTS30 (Bus Support Facilities and Equipment)
  • MTS34 (Bus Signal and Communication Equipment)

There is an additional $8,140,000 being provided by SANDAG, the region's MPO. The $8,140,000 is included as part of the budget for the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit project 5309 New Starts Full Funding Grant Agreement awarded by the Federal Transit Administration.

The RTIP was most recently state-approved on May 2, 2017 and federally approved on May 9, 2017. (2016 RTIP Amendment No. 3)

San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan includes the need for investing in a "Universal Transportation Account" that "combines all forms of public transportation payments, including transit fares, municipal parking, and toll collection into a single user-friendly system."1 The Fare System Modernization project would implement such technology.
Technologies Proposed to Be Deployed MTS, in partnership with NCTD, will deploy a next generation fare system in the San Diego region with the following characteristics:
  • Account-based system with real time communications
  • Open architecture for integration with other systems
  • Closed-loop foundation
  • Open payment capability
  • Flexible and expandable fare policy
  • Mobile ticketing integration
  • Robust back office hosting and data reporting
  • Enhanced payment card and personally identifiable information security
  • Future expandability

1 San Diego Association of Governments, San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, Pg. 73, [ Return to Note 1 ]

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