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I-76 Multi-Modal Integrated Corridor Initiative
Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative (ATCMTD) Vol. 1 Technical Application

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Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
2. Background
2.1 PennDot District 6-0
2.2 Description of the Area
2.3 Issues
3. Progressing Forward
3.1 PennDOT's Vision
3.2 Transportation Systems and Services - Currently Programmed Projects
3.3 The Opportunity of ATCMTD
No Value 3.3.1 Integrated Corridor Management Decision Support System (DSS)
No Value 3.3.2 Henry Avenue TSMO Project
3.4 Deployment Plan
No Value 3.4.1 Deployment Plan for ICM Decision Support Software
No Value 3.4.2 Deployment Play for Henry Avenue TSMO Deployment
3.5 Schedule
4. Benefits
4.1 ATM Benefits
No Value 4.1.1 Safety Benefits
No Value 4.1.2 Operational Benefits
No Value 4.1.3 Environmental Benefits
4.2 ICM Benefits
5. Challenges
5.1 Political Challenges
5.2 Environmental Challenges
No Value 5.2.1 Cultural Resources
No Value 5.2.2 Right-of-Way Impacts
6. Partnering Plan
7. Conclusion

Table of Figures

Figure 1 I-76 and Route 1 Interchange
Figure 2 I-76 and to Center City Philadelphia
Figure 3 Proposed I-76 ICM Corridor Project
Figure 4 Decision Support Software
Figure 5 PennDOT District 6-0's RTMC
Figure 6 SEPTA's Control Center
Figure 7 City of Philadelphia Traffic Operation Center
Figure 8 Concept of Operations V-Diagram
Figure 9 Integrated Corridor Management Decision Support System and Henry Avenue TSMO Device Deployment
Figure 10 Benefits of the Project
Figure 11 SEPTA Bus Route 32 in Center City
Figure 12 Organization Chart for the I-76 Multi-Modal Integration Corridor Initiative

Table of Tables

Table 1. I-76 Corridor Related Projects
Table 2. Deployment for the Integrated Corridor Management Decision Support System
Table 3. Deployment for Henry Avenue TSMO
Table 4. Summary of Qualifications
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