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Volume 1 - Technical Application: Transcending Boundaries with Surveillance, Monitoring and Action for Resilient Transportation (SMART) Infrastructure via Integrated Network-Wide Management

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Table of Contents

Volume 1 Technical Application

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1. Project Narrative
1.1 Project Overview
No Value 1.1.1 Introduction - Summary of the Project and Technology Deployment
No Value 1.1.2 A Partnership via the Northeast SMART Infrastructure Consortium
No Value 1.1.3 Description of the Geographic Area that the Northeast SMART Infrastructure Consortium will Serve
No Value 1.1.4 Real-World Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities
No Value 1.1.5 Scope of Transportation Systems and Services to be Included in the Project
No Value No Value Surface Radar-Based IRI System for Pavement Inspection (NW-PI)
No Value No Value Traffic Speed Deflectometer System for Network-Wide Pavement Structure Evaluation (NW-PSE)
No Value No Value In-Traffic Multi-Sensor Bridge Deck Inspection System (NW-PI)
No Value No Value Network-Wide Management Systems (NW-MS)
No Value No Value Technology Feasibility Studies to Strengthen and Support Evaluation
No Value 1.1.6 Deployment Plan and Long-Term Operation
No Value 1.1.7 Regulatory, Legislative, Institutional Challenges - Bringing Down the Barriers
No Value 1.1.8 Quantifiable System Performance Improvements
No Value No Value Quantification for Safety, Mobility, and Traffic Projections
No Value No Value Savings in Direct and Indirect Fuel Use and Emissions
No Value 1.1.9 Quantifiable Regional Cost Savings
No Value 1.1.10 Vision, Goals, and Objectives
No Value 1.1.11 Plan to Partner with Private Sector and Public Agencies
No Value 1.1.12 Plan to Leverage and Optimize Existing Resources
No Value 1.1.13 Schedule for Technology Deployment
No Value 1.1.14 Integration with ITS Program or Innovative Technology Initiatives
1.2 Staffing Description
2. Supporting Documentation
2.1 References for 1.0 Project Narrative
2.2 Support Letters
2.3 Sensor Proof of Concept
No Value 2.3.1 Sample Surface Radar Data
No Value 2.3.2 Pavement Strength & Remaining Life Evaluation Using TSD & GPR
No Value 2.3.3 In-Traffic Multi Sensor Bridge Deck Inspection System Description
No Value 2.3.4 Mean Texture Depth Measured at Traffic Speed for Friction Prediction
2.4 Performance Improvement Metrics: Data Model Summary
2.5 Resumes for Key Staff

Volume 2 Budget Application (separate PDF file)

A) Application Standard Forms (SFs) entered into package
a. Standard Form 424A Budget information for non-construction programs with Sections A through E completed.
b. Standard Form 424B Assurances for non-construction programs
c. Lobbying Form
B) Funding / Budget Information
a. Evidence of stable and reliable fund commitments sufficient to cover estimated costs including required non-Federal matching costs, letters of commitment included in Section D of this Volume
b. Evidence of the financial condition of the project sponsor
c. Evidence of the grant recipient's ability to manage grants
d. Detailed budget containing a breakdown of how the funds will be spent. That budget should estimate costs across project components or tasks, including an identification of funding sources and amounts.
C) Organizational Information
a. Exceptions to anticipated award terms and conditions & pre-existing intellectual property and data rights.
b. Northeastern University DUNS #
c. Statement Regarding A-133 Single Audit
d. Statement Regarding Conflicts of Interest
e. Statement Regarding Audit of Applicant's Accounting System
f. Statement Regarding Terminated Contracts
g. Statement Regarding Title 2 CFR §170
h. Disclosure of any Violations of Federal Criminal Law
D) Support Letters
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